Macro micro SIM misery – how to extract a micro SIM card

So I buy a new SIM from a vending machine in the airport arrivals hall, but when I try to take out my old micro SIM on the train into town, I am completely stumped. Unlike the excellent push/click/spring-back SD card self-extraction mechanism, the little SIM has no easy way out. Sure, it’s supposed to push/click, but mine stubbornly refuses to cooperate … Continue reading

A Thousand Years of Music


So. After a thousand years of listening to music, I’ve finally got serious. Or rather got serious again.

Since the digital age (yes, I was born strictly analogue), I’ve basically given up on fancy amps and speakers when listening to music. Digital is so noise-free, so static-free and so ubiquitous (in the sense that everything has music now, from the laptop and the desktop to the mobile phone and the Bluetooth-enabled car system), that I’ve long since given up worrying about its quality.

Music is simply a commodity, Continue reading

Setting up Raspberry Pi Media Centre

I’ve never been excited about media centres. I thought they were an unnecessary complication to the business of consuming media through the computer and attached TV. How wrong I was!

Recently I acquired a Raspberry Pi credit-card-sized computer and had the idea of setting it up so I could access videos on my TV from my networked NAS. Here’s what I did: Continue reading

Raspberry Pi

A good friend sent me a Raspberry Pi for my birthday. I’d read about these little Debian Linux beasts, and I’d thought maybe perhaps one day. One day never came. I’ve spent a long time hacking with Linux and I’ve always gone back to either Microsoft or Apple (both, really). Then I opened my birthday present. Continue reading

How do I watch ABC iView on my Android?

[UPDATE: aview on Google Play is an unofficial but perfect way to watch ABC iview]

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation runs a catch-up TV service called iView. Don’t be confused by the small-i suffix into thinking this is an Apple product: ABC is the national broadcaster and earnestly eschews commercial favouritism.

Which makes it hard to understand why their iView service is not available on recent “out of the box” Android devices. The corporation has its reasons and these will be investigated in another post.

Meantime, if you can’t get iView on your droid … how can you get iView on your droid? The best answer is to use Firefox for Android.

Here’s how: Continue reading