Reviews. Or how to explode heads.

Sometimes my head explodes. There’s just a slight fizzing sound, a hint of steam around my temples, and then, without any further warning, whoosh, there goes the entire top of my head: scalp, forehead wrinkles, pieces of upper ear, all in one vertical surge, gone, skywards. Goodbye to all that head-top stuff.

So. When does this happen?

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Macro micro SIM misery – how to extract a micro SIM card

So I buy a new SIM from a vending machine in the airport arrivals hall, but when I try to take out my old micro SIM on the train into town, I am completely stumped. Unlike the excellent push/click/spring-back SD card self-extraction mechanism, the little SIM has no easy way out. Sure, it’s supposed to push/click, but mine stubbornly refuses to cooperate … Continue reading

A Thousand Years of Music


So. After a thousand years of listening to music, I’ve finally got serious. Or rather got serious again.

Since the digital age (yes, I was born strictly analogue), I’ve basically given up on fancy amps and speakers when listening to music. Digital is so noise-free, so static-free and so ubiquitous (in the sense that everything has music now, from the laptop and the desktop to the mobile phone and the Bluetooth-enabled car system), that I’ve long since given up worrying about its quality.

Music is simply a commodity, Continue reading

Setting up Raspberry Pi Media Centre

I’ve never been excited about media centres. I thought they were an unnecessary complication to the business of consuming media through the computer and attached TV. How wrong I was!

Recently I acquired a Raspberry Pi credit-card-sized computer and had the idea of setting it up so I could access videos on my TV from my networked NAS. Here’s what I did: Continue reading

Raspberry Pi

A good friend sent me a Raspberry Pi for my birthday. I’d read about these little Debian Linux beasts, and I’d thought maybe perhaps one day. One day never came. I’ve spent a long time hacking with Linux and I’ve always gone back to either Microsoft or Apple (both, really). Then I opened my birthday present. Continue reading